Threatened by drones?

Several incidents within the last years revealed that there is a rapidly emerging threat caused by small, cheap and commercially available UAVs. Armed and security forces as well as critical infrastructures and high level events are exposed to increasing attacks by misused UAVs.

Threatening situations may result from thrill seekers who fly drones into prohibited areas or above people and facilities. But also from much graver illegal uses such as espionage, smuggling, sabotage or terrorism. Drones can record video or microphone as well as carry and drop prohibited items, toxic materials or even explosives. The threat from drones should not be underestimated.

Our Approach

The Xpeller product family combines various types of sensors and effectors for protection against small drones in any situation. It can easily be configured to individual needs, whether for security or military applications.

The Xpeller workflow towards countering the UAV threat is based on a multi sensor/effector layer and a three step workflow:

  1. Detect the potential threat with the best possible probability of detection.
  2. Identify the potential threat as an actual threat with the least possible false alarm rate.
  3. Act on the threat by raising alarms, or engaging the threat with a counter measure

Our Toolkit

Xpeller is modular and scalable. Depending on each customer’s individual needs and operational requirements the system can thus be adapted accordingly. We offer different configurations by combining the corresponding subsystems of the Xpeller toolkit based on the HENSOLDT portfolio.

The Xpeller system follows the “detect – identify – control – act” workflow. Thus, it not only detects but also successfully defeats hostile drones.

All Xpeller configurations are based on standard off-the-shelf equipment for all-weather conditions and an intuitive, multi-sensor Command & Control software:

  • Sensors to detect & identify, such as Radars, Optics or Rangefinder
  • Countermeasures to protect, such as drone jammers, a catching drone or pilot localization
  • Operational C2 software to link-up and enhance the system, which is:
    • Modular, scalable and easy to use
    • Applies data fusion and algorithms for drone classification­
    • Capable of running on a standard laptop or integrated in a control unit

HENSOLDT – Detect and Protect

HENSOLDT is a global pioneer of technology and innovation in the area of defence and security electronics. The company is a market leader in civilian and military sensor solutions, developing new products to counter evolving threats based on disruptive concepts in such fields as big data, robotics and cyber security.

Our portfolio includes various sensor technologies, which, when combined, allow detection capabilities to be improved substantially. Our main areas of activity include the protection of borders and critical infrastructures, air defence, mission management and aircraft self-protection, vehicle protection, signal intelligence and data links, as well as night vision devices, laser rangefinders and optronic targeting equipment.

Global customers benefit from HENSOLDT’s strong international footprint and our broad experience of doing business all around the world.

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We are pioneering with a passion to create competitive premium electronics of tomorrow! With high-tech products and innovative solutions, we detect and protect. Innovation is our core business; we make an essential contribution to protecting people and nations. As an employee you will take part in these new challenges, as well as growing and succeeding with HENSOLDT!

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