Threatened by Drones? We bring it down!

XpellerTM Gear – the mobile drone defence out of the XpellerTM toolkit

Several incidents within the last years revealed that there is a rapidly emerging threat caused by small, cheap and commercially available UAVs. Especially troops in the field, Policemen or others that take risk to defend us are exposed to increasing attacks by misused UAVs. But who defends them?

Xpeller Gear – the mobile version of XpellerTM - is able to protect people on their missions, anytime, anywhere. It uses a combination of RF detectors and wearable jammers, all brought together in one armoured gear for an optimum of protection against unmanned threats.

As soon as the RF detector has picked up a drone related signal, an alert is given so that the RF Jammer will interrupt the link between drone and pilot and/or its navigation. Xpeller Gear thus detects and protects against threats from hostile drones at ranges from a few hundred meters up to several kilometers.



Frequency Coverage

All relevant drone + RCIED frequencies: Optional up to 6 GHz


3-5 hours


Hand held controller for displaying equipment health and status


Passive convection for high reliability in extreme environments and silent operation

Networked operation

Threat-based Programming, Monitoring and Remote Control via Ethernet Interface

Supported antennas

Wide range of commercial directional and omnidirectional antennas

Jamming Modes

Flexible, software-definable C-UxV/RCIED Jammer

Product impressions