Threatened by Drones? We bring it down!

XpellerTM Rapid – Rapidly deploy your Drone Detection and Defeat System

Several incidents within the last years revealed that there is a rapidly emerging threat caused by small, cheap and commercially available UAVs. Armed Forces and Policemen as well as critical infrastructure and high level events are exposed to increasing attacks by misused UAVs. But who defends these assets?

Xpeller Rapid – the movable version of XpellerTM - is able to protect people and sites, anytime, anywhere. It uses a combination of radar, electro-optical as well as RF detectors and Jammers, all fused in a common C2 for an optimum of protection against unmanned threats.

In order to rapidly deploy your Counter UAV System, Xpeller Rapid is either integrated into a vehicle (mast solution) or comes in transport boxes and can be easily set-up on tripods. Based on the XpellerTM toolkit, the components follow the detect – identify – act workflow. Thus, they not only detect but also successfully defeat hostile drones at ranges up to several kilometres.


Modular, configurable

and scalable

Selectable system configuration out of a toolkit to suit your operational needs.

Supports nomadic approach in vehicles or in a take-away kit (boxes) as well as

network concepts

Wide area Surveillance

Radar technology (M-Scan or E-Scan) detects and identifies hostile drones in a

centralized or decentralized positioning

Optical Surveillance

EO/IR cameras ensure optical verification and tracking of the identified threat in

24/7 operation

Spectrum Surveillance

Detection and identification of drone relevant RF signals – also on-the-move

Spectrum Dominance

Interception of drone relevant frequencies up to 6 GHz to protect against drones,

drone swarms and improvised explosive devices

Command & Control

Display and fusion of respective sensor sources. Range, altitude, velocity and

bearing displayed. Easy to operate and touch-ready application.

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